psalms of a forgotten fury (a_homeless_soul) wrote in im_brainwashed,
psalms of a forgotten fury

time release treason

pretty faces with social graces
lead astray, "in god we must trust" misplaces
that same faith, misquoted, intentionally or not.
led on to crimes, and lies, by simply false implying
that duty and death are somehow intertwined
if you dont agree, you are the enemy
and he grows ever stronger by this waste of time

i disagree, I DISAGREE!!!! i think for myself
and why? because i know your god but know you not
and bloody battles follow these degenerate beliefs.
stand idle by as the throngs of those trapped by YOUR self delusion
are sent into the desert to die. why? WHY??
while you sit thoughtless of cost to us youthfull passersby
false emporer, king of nothing, conquerer of your mens deepest fears
with the shallowest of deceit.

i fear the empire is failing
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