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im not gay

i played spin the bottle last night and the person who set the rules up for the game made it so everyone had to do something with everyone around the circle, guys to girl, guys to guys, and girls to girls. so i spent an hour and half kissing girls i barely knew, all of my friends who were guys and i barely got one kiss in with this girl i really like, she left cuz she was smart. i dont even know why im posting this, its just the most exciting/depressing thing that has happened to me lately and my mom just laughs that i made out with guys on super bowl sunday, and now my dad thinks im gay. i dont even know why i told them. but i know they are the only ones who wouldnt go around telling my other friends who werent there. oh and mindless self indulgence is coming out with a new album! yesss! i cant wait.
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